Dynamo Camp

The first project we have supported as THCP is Dynamo Associazione Dynamo Camp Onlus, a not-for-profit organization having as main mission the management of the first Therapeutic Recreation camp in Italy (“Dynamo Camp”), duly structured to accommodate free of charge for holidays youngsters aged 6-17 suffering from serious and chronic illnesses in post hospitalization and/or remission.

Opened in 2007, today Dynamo Camp hosts more than 1,200 children during the year and organizes special sessions for families and siblings. Dynamo Camp is in contact with more than 70 hospitals and 50 associations of pathologies/parents and hosts 63 pathologies. The Camp is located in Tuscany, Limestre (Pistoia), in a WWF affiliated nature reserve. Dynamo Camp also carries out an Outreach Program, in order to reach with its Therapeutic Recreation activities further 2,500 youngsters living in hospitals and foster houses.

Dynamo Camp’s mission is to grant these children with the chance to be kids again through a program that, in total security and happiness, brings them to feel again confident in themselves and in their capabilities, this disease seriously limiting their social life with their peers and threatening to compromise their confidence and sense of fun and, in the cases of healing, their capacity to socialize and feel part of the community